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Pulp and paper industry

Enwatec Bio F15 – is an innovative solution to improve the mechanical performance of paper and board and optimize process costs.

Enzynk – is a deinking product that separates printing and other dyes from paper, while significantly reducing fiber loss.

Repulpase -  is a tailored, mill-specific mixture of  multiple enzymes used to effectively improve broke defiberization, improve the quality of fibers to enhance paper/tissue properties, lower unit costs, and improve mill efficiency and output. 


Enwatec products help to increase the biogas yield, to stabilize the process and to reduce the content of dry organic matter.

Enwatec C – developed for vegetable raw materials like corn silage to increase biogas yield, reduce the viscosity etc.


Enwatec SB – specially developed for sugar beet waste. This product helps to speed up the process and significantly increases the biogas yield. 


Enwatec SH – developed for biogas plants using waste from meat processing plants, slaughterhouses etc.

Biogas plants

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Our company Enwatec develops innovative, environmentally friendly solutions for various industries and applications.

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